Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Patillo's BBQ

So, a white man walks into a BBQ place in Beaumont...

Alright, admittedly I'm just checking to see if the Beer Brotha is reading. But, I was the only white guy around and to me that says I'm in for some good food. I circled past a couple of local BBQ places while in Beaumont today, and passed them up because they look a little too much like a chain or like Luther's. This place looked promising, so I'm glad I found it.

If you have to be in Beaumont, which I don't recommend, you should stop in here, which I do. Shoot yourself in the head for being in this God-forsaken town after you've eaten here, so at least you go out somewhat happy.

Also, if you're near a chemical plant, and smell something funny (I mean strong funny, not the usually funny smell of Beaumont), then the sirens all go off about a tenth of a second before every flare tower on the property starts shooting out 50' flames, get the the Hell out of Dodge.

Anyway, the beans are ranch style, but less than the usual in-your-face-ness that many have, which is a good thing. They're stewed for plenty of time and with plenty of pork--not fatty salt pork--which is nice. Slaw is better than some, but isn't much more than cabbage and mayo. It has something else in it, but not much. It's also got quite a bit of the thinner cabbage leaves in it, which makes it feel a bit mushy, but it's still fresh and good. The two-meat plate had a third side option, so I tried the rice jambalaya, which has a nice zip to it. So far, so good.

Interesting sauce. Heavily peppered, it also has a bit of a chili pepper zip to it. Clear cajun influence that is a nice take on a sauce. And that's a good thing, because the meat came smothered in it. It's neither molasses nor vinegar based, seeming instead to be a base of some sort since it had quite a bit of rendered fat in it. In hindsight, this seems to be te flavor for the beans as well.

The brisket was good. The smoke had to fight its way through the sauce, but it did. It was tender, but sliced a little too thinly for me. The pork ribs were less smoky, but for some reason also less affected by the sauce. I wish they had been left in the smoker a little longer so as to reduce the amount of fat on them. The rub is primarily finely ground pepper, but appears to be otherwise similar to the sauce. The chicken was very good. Because it had the skin on, you could take it off and have chicken with little or no sauce. It was well smoked and tender, just right.

The pecan pie was most likely commercial, and was just OK.

The only issue is that I thought maybe the ribs should have been smoked longer. They were just a little too fatty, although they were good. That and the thinly sliced brisket are really not terribly substantive criticisms, and although I do intend to try different Beaumont BBQ places, I definitely want to come back. I'd recommend this place to anyone, it's a slight spin toward the cajun, I guess because Beaumont is just a little too close to Louisiana for my taste. Maybe that's what the funny smell is...

Patillo's BBQ
610 N 11th St,
Beaumont, TX 77702
(409) 832-2572
Monday 10am-4pm
Tuesday-Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-6pm


  1. Grew up in Beaumont and now live in Htown and I agree with you. Patillo's is good eating. It's not worth the effort to go back to Beaumont for a reunion but, if I ever find myself passing through, I make it a point to stop at Patillo's. They have 2 locations - the one on 11th street is more convenient than the other.

  2. You went there for BBQ?

    You have Broussards, Fat Macs and Tony's BBQ as well which are not chains. If you had tried these you would not be eating there.

    We are even because only fools would live in Houston....